Crazy 10-Step Korean Skin Care Guide

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Skincare regimen is the most popular today when it comes to the latest beauty trends. Koreans have the most glowing and youthful skin even without makeup thanks to their genes by the way. Moreover, it is not only their genes that contribute to their fresh look; Koreans achieve it through a very unique beauty routine. The regimen is very extensive compared to what other Asian countries are used to because it is composed of 10 steps! Yes you read it right, 10 steps. It sometimes involves 11- 12 steps depending on your skin needs. It sounds stressful to do it two times a day (morning and before going to sleep), every day right? But, that is why we are here for you and let us break it down together as we go on each step of the Korean skincare regimen.

Let us together understand each step and after reading this article you can decide for yourself which is the best for your own skincare routine. The goal is to achieve a healthy and radiant look from within minus the makeup. Yes it does take a lot longer to finish compared to our own beauty regimens but the result is totally amazing and so worth it. Trust us on this!

Korean skin care steps

 The Step by Step Guide

  1. Cleansers

Oil-based Cleanser

Cleansers that are oil-based is the first step of the routine. Typically, Korean women are using two types of cleansers because they do double cleansing. Starting on these oil cleansers, this helps remove the makeup which is oil- based including SPF from the sunscreens, and some other kinds of impurities like dirt from pollution and sebum. Water is not enough because it repels oil. The oil cleanser also allows an easy and effective cleansing of the skin rather than constantly tugging the skin to remove the waterproof mascara.

Water-based Cleanser

On the other hand, there are cleansers that are water- based. After cleaning your face using an oil cleanser, this cleanser (water- based) can remove the remaining residues which the oil cleanser didn’t remove leaving a more supple skin. The secret is to select a cleanser that suits your skin type best, something that is gentle for your skin so that it will not dry out or strip your skin of its natural moisture.

  1. Toners

Korean products are full of natural ingredients. This tradition has long been followed until today’s product formulations. They love using natural ingredients that are drawn from Earth avoiding the usage of harsh chemicals.

  1. Essences

An essence is a less concentrated form of serum. It is formulated with different viscosity, and it is more fluid like compared to a serum. The main purpose of essences is to aid in moisturizing the skin then you can follow the application of serums depending on what your skin needs.

  1. Serums & Ampoules

These products target the needs of your skin. You should know by now what skin type do you have since it is essential in order to select the products that can best address your skin concerns like for example hyper-pigmentation, premature aging or fine lines, dehydration, and loss of elasticity or firmness. It is up to you to customize your skincare regimen here. You can add or remove products which you see don’t fit your skin needs.

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  1. Eye Cream

Your under eye skin and the skin surrounding your eye area is composed of the thinnest skin hence it is easily dehydrated. Choose eye creams that can protect it, nourish, de-puff, or brighten.

  1. Moisturizer

These products are created to put a barrier that locks in every important ingredients you previously applied on your skin.

  1. Sunscreens

This is very popular in Korea since they are very particular in staying outdoors without using sunscreen. They are very well aware of the dangers of skin cancer too.

The following skincare steps are optional beauty products. You can use it once or twice a week depending on your preference and whenever you feel your skin is too tired that it needs some extra boost or lift.

  1. Exfoliators

It is recommended to be used at least once or twice a week. Exfoliators scrub off dead skins.

  1. Sheet Masks

You can use sheet masks daily, once a week, or twice a week. These masks contains added nutrients for your skin.

  1. Sleep Masks

Sleep Masks give additional moisture to your skin making the term “beauty rest” factual and attainable.

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