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  • Most potent castor oil formula available on the market today.
  • Our castor oil is proudly manufactured in Orem, Utah U.S.A
  • We offer an honest money back guarantee. If you do not like our oil you can return it within 30 days and we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.
  • Most popular castor oil in the USA

Comments From Our Users

The Wonder that is Castor Oil

The search for the fountain of life and for the miraculous magical potion to heal and solve every health problem is still on-going with no end in sight. That said, the next best thing has already been discovered and has basically been around for centuries now. Castor oil is quite the household name nowadays but many people are still in the dark as to how important and remarkable a substance it really is. Many people recognize the use of Castor Oil in industrial processes as it can be used in manufacturing items from its derivatives, but they rarely see that Castor Oil is actually the closest thing to a magical salve for almost all ailments.

castor oil
Unparalleled Beauty Tonic
One of the areas wherein Castor Oil really excels in is being a great beauty tonic. It can practically do almost everything for beauty and should always be a staple for every esthetically enthusiastic person out there. First and foremost of its uses in cosmetics is in its ability to give the skin a youthful glow. The oil has been found also to be very effective in taking away wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity, getting rid of stretch marks. Castor Oil is also extremely effective in treating Acne and removing skin tags. Other skin abnormalities like ringworms and rashes are also taken care of by this wondrous oil. Regular topical application of the oil on the skin helps in not only healing but also preventing numerous skin problems. Aside from the skin, Castor Oil also does wonders for the hair and the nails. The hair in particular, has been a favorite for oil treatments that help in maintaining hair glow and color. Natural and healthy hair growth is also promoted by constant oil treatments and split ends are basically a thing of the past with this oil. The scalp is also noticeably healthier with just a few days of application as dandruffs do not flourish much with the oil’s application. Castor oil also promotes healthy and shiny nails that grow naturally and beautifully. Castor Oil taking stress away

Another phenomenal use for this phenomenal oil is for the relief of stress and other physical symptoms it carries with it. Castor Oil has been found to be very effective in treating insomnia and in helping give a good night’s sleep. A lot of benefit has also been found in its ability to relieve sore muscles, giving it a great ability to help in taking off that tension in the shoulders and back after a long day’s work. The Oil’s ability to stimulate and promote the body’s immune system is also very useful especially during stressful situations where disease are very common. With the body’s immunity up, there is not much that stress can do to the body. The oil can also help in getting rid of eye bags and dark shadows around the eyes that people get when they are stressed and deprived of sleep.

A great help in maintaining digestive health
In the home setting, Castor Oil has been renowned for its efficiency in promoting proper digestive health. Substances in Castor Oil have a profound effect on the smooth muscles of the intestines, causing bowel movement. Castor Oil has been known to be a very effective and safe form of laxative that helps get rid of constipation and help maintain proper bowel activity for regular, healthy trips to the toilet. Castor Oil has also been found to be very effective in relieving and even getting rid of Hemorrhoids. Depending on the severity and type of hemorrhoid, Castor Oil can provide a variety of benefits that range from relief from the pain and itching through topical application to outright shrinking of the swelling hemorrhoid. Other digestive benefits are also being studied and have been getting excellent findings and results. An oil for both Mommy and Baby

castor oil skin
An oil for both Mommy and Baby
Pregnant mothers can also have their labors induced via Castor Oil. Since the oil is very effective in stimulating the contraction of smooth muscles in the digestive system, it can also stimulate the muscles in the uterus, prompting the start of labor. Babies can also get a lot of help from Castor Oil as it has been found to help alleviate colic. Topical application on the baby’s belly can help take care of the gas and the pain.

Excellent uses in the field of Medicine
A lot of strides have been made in the field of medicine, but there really is no debate as to how useful natural remedies are. In the case of Castor Oil though, lies some of the best remedies for some of the worst ailments. Scientific studies have found lots of uses for Castor Oil not only in the home but also in the Clinical setting. Doctors have now been using Castor Oil as an antimicrobial as it has since proven to be very effective in getting rid of bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. More recent research and studies also point to the effectiveness of Castor Oil in combating such insidious diseases such as Cancer and even AIDS. Cancer treatments now make use of Castor Oil to deliver chemotherapeutic medication to the cancer tumors. Clinical uses of Castor Oil have also been found in the form of Immune system stimulation. The topical use of Castor Oil also treats various kinds of dermatoses and fungal infections. Obviously, the list doesn’t end there. Right now, more and more uses have been discovered for the wondrous oil. Uses that include treatment in Parkinson’s disease and many others.

An Oil unlike Any Other
Castor Oil has been found to be an effective home remedy for a myriad of health problems and is also found to be very useful inside the hospital. A lot of benefits have already been established and a lot more are also being discovered each and every day. Surely, every medicine cupboard should have a bottle of Castor Oil.

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