Skin Care Tips from the Angels

Being a model is more than just having good body but of course, owning a great skin too, most especially because models should be at its best look always. They get to have great fortune because of how they look and how they carry themselves in front of a crowd, big or small. We may think that Victoria Secret models won the gene pool lottery, yes, it could be. But we must also think that what they are right now is also a result of their hard work, persistence, motivation, and patience.

They got to have great body because they eat the right food and workout a lot. Which by the way, two things, that we are having a hard time of doing consistently. What we always does is go out, have fun, and eat whatever we want. But these models are much disciplined when it comes to getting into the right shape and great body (plus they got the right genes, lucky them!). We may not get to have the height they have, perfect to become one of Victoria’s angels but we can steal their skin care tips. We may have the chance to be as beautiful and stunning as how they look on the runway. If you want so, try to read on these very doable skin care tips from our beloved runway angels themselves. Have fun and let us try our best to most beautiful version of our self, both outside and inside.


Karlie Loss

Let’s start with one of the most stunning of them all, Karlie Kloss. According to Karlie, she gets pimples when she uses makeup products during workouts. What she does is cleaning her face before and after workout session.  Plus she always use deep cleansing pore strips and she always gets horrified on how much dirt she gets from her pores.


Adriana Lima

Also from our ever sexy Adriana, before working out, you should take off your makeup and always keep hydrated.  For her, drinking water a lot is one of the best to get the most glowing skin ever. And also she is a big fan of avocados. Not only has she believed that it is good for our body but also a good food for the skin. She is incorporating it on her regular beauty routine. According to her, it is good not only for the skin but also for our hair. Let’s go shopping for ton of avocados and water angels!


Alessandra Ambrosio

And from the legendary angel, Alessandra Ambrosio, there are 3 things that we should always keep in mind to get the most captivating look: Antioxidant, SPF, and Water. Simply, eat foods rich in antioxidant because it gives you a natural glow and maintains a good skin condition. Second, always put on a good SPF product to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. And lastly, drink a lot of water. We’ve heard water many times already. I think follow this tip is a must!


Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine has a little not so common but very helpful tip here. She said that putting on ice cubes on the face before sleeping is a good idea to follow. She got it from her mom’s derma before. And it works for her just fine. Well, we can all see how gorgeous she is, right?


Behati Prinsloo

Should we skip our pretty and ever sexy new mommy? Behati shared her beauty secret to us. And she is very simple. She often use water spray product and it gives her amazing result, always. She does that many times and then put on mascara and she’s good to go, she said. And by the way, she loves her spray rose. Should we buy one? I think we should!


Isabeli Fontana

If Behati opt for rose water spray, Isabeli likes it on mineral. She uses it every after shower. Because according to her, sometimes the water that we use for shower might be dirty and it is not good for our face. Well, there are two of them now that we know who uses water spray. Should I buy rose or mineral?


Joan Smalls

And for Joan, exercise and moisturizing helps her achieving what she is having now. She does Pilates, cardio, and boxing to keep her active. And she moisturizes many times a day and it fits to her perfectly. We can all agree with that, right?

There are a lot of models that we look up to. The ones we get motivation from and the ones we post with #bodygoals on our social media accounts. Now we know already their beauty secret, now it’s up for us is we make a move to make things happen. Good luck, Angels!

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