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“I have always had problems with my bowel irregularity. I would go for days without any bowel movement. I considered going to a doctor to get myself checked out and while I was waiting to schedule an appointment, I came across this product. I never really knew much about Castor Oil and what it can do, but this seemed really promising. I bought a bottle and tried it as a laxative. Lo and Behold! I don’t need to go see a doctor anymore. I now have regular bowel movement and do not worry about constipation ever again.”- Amy Jean

“I have always been careful about choosing only organic and natural products for my skin. I found Castor Oil to be both natural and effective for keeping my skin well-toned and radiant.”-Laurel T.

“As a busy woman, I always end my work week with a massage. Since I have a very tiring job that requires me to move a lot, I tend to have a lot of sore muscles at the end of the week. I usually make do with just regular baby oil, but then I realized this wonderful thing. It works like a charm! I feel very great. Castor Oil really removes the soreness and the stiffness from my muscles. It is also very fragrant, which  is an absolute plus.”-Celine

“Castor Oil was somewhat of a surprise for me. Even since I was twelve, I always have had a lot of acne on my face. I don’t know why, but nothing seemed to make them go away. I just somehow ended up reading that Castor Oil was good for the skin. At first, I did not really believe this would work but I still tried since I was curious. The clearing up of my face was something I really owe to this little treasure.”-Joan Maine

“Having skin without so much as a trace of ringworm was not really something that I would see within a few weeks of using Castor Oil, but I really love how it has worked out for me. I used to have a lot of fungal growth on my skin. It wasn’t really dangerous, but the damage to my self-confidence was really there. When I started using the oil, I figured that I shouldn’t have outlandish expectations. I can really say that this delightful oil really exceeds every expectation.”-Sarah D.

“These days I kind of find it hard to find high-quality oils for my hair treatment. This organic Castor Oil really does everything right. Not only does it give my hair the glow that I love, it also got rid of my dandruff for me. I usually had to look for expensive oils that are hard to get by for my hair. This oil is much more inexpensive with much more benefits.”-Mary Jo


“I am really one to go outdoors like the beach or on mountain trails. I get a lot of sunburns and I even got worried about certain diseases like melanomas since I get so much sunshine. I found that using Castor Oil on my sunburns not only heals the sunburn itself but also helps protect the skin from further damage to it. Nowadays, I rarely go out of the house without my trusted Castor Oil.”-Karen P.

“My sister and I spend a lot of time pampering ourselves and getting beauty regimens. We used to have different kinds of stuff on our faces and have minimal to no results. We eventually got tired and almost stopped our beauty sessions until we discovered this little wonder. Not only did it help in evening out skin color and tone, it also got rid of wrinkles around our eyes and on our foreheads. Truly a must for beauty enthusiasts.”-Irish G.

“I don’t know why but I keep on discovering new and effective ways to use Castor Oil. Just the other day, I found that it makes a great Nail Polish.”-Nikki

“I’ve always been having prolems with dandruff and have had pimples on my scalp, especially on the back of my head. I finally got around to doing something about it and went looking for whatever could cure me of my problems on my head. A friend recommended this to me and so I took my chance. I have never seen dandruff go away as fast as this one. My pimples also refuse to grow back again.”-Rosie Summers


“As an aspiring model, I really make it a point to clean my face with only the safest and the most natural substances possible. I found this oil and I tried it. I could really feel the effects as I was applying it on my skin. It rid me of my blemishes and even gave my face a beautiful glow. I would really recommend it to my friends with sensitive skin.”    -Shelly M.

“My friends always do these video tutorials on the internet about makeups. I used to spend a lot of time trying to wash off the mascara. I just discovered Castor Oil really proves to be effective in taking off the make up all the while cleaning up the pores and the surface of the skin.”-Agnes

“Castor Oil is one of those oils that just calms down a raging itch. I use it on just about every skin problem I have. I have found it to be very effective on insect bites. It helps heal the insect bite- minimizing the swelling and taking care of the irritation I feel on my skin.”-Rita Dunham


“I have only been able to use few kinds of oil for my hair and have found Castor Oil to be one of the most if not the most effective there is in giving my hair a strong quality. I no longer have to worry about hair fall anymore and I find that my hair is a couple times more beautiful than before.” -Noreen

“Everytime I put something on my face, I get a little bit nervous. I have had bad experiences with toners that just ended up messing up my skin. I really do like how Castor Oil is gentle ony my skin and how it is also very good at keeping away pimples and acne. It has been a few months now since I started using this oil and I have never been happier about it. Itis like everything I ever wanted in a toner.”-Lisa Mckenzie

“My constipation really was starting to be a problem for me. I could not really keep a good bathroom schedule since I just seem to be unable to go whenever I feel. With Castor Oil, I have started having a toilet schedule that is both healthy and regular. I really love Castor Oil when it comes to the benefits. This is one product that I am really sure is both natural and healthy.” -Elaine B.

“Insomnia has really been a problem for me. I cannot seem to find a way to help my body adjust its sleeping schedule. Luckily, I found that Castor Oil helps in putting me to sleep. Mind you, it is just not any kind of sleep but deep and relaxing sleep. This is also a great way to help give me my much needed rest.”-Janna

“Dry skin is one of my greatest enemies. Though I always stay relatively well-hydrated, I still find my skin dry and sometimes a little bit scaly. This was growing more and more frustrating for me until one day a friend introduced this to me. I was at first a little bit skeptic and even a bit paranoid but sooner, I discovered that my skin was not as dry as it used to be. Surely, I would have a completely different and well-moisturized skin. I have just been using this oil for about a week now. I’ll let you guys know how it plays out after a month or so.” -Kirsten R.

“Hair loss is a very terrible thing. It is so much more terrible when that happens to a girl. I was on the verge of panic when I found that the top of my head had hair falling out just by combing them. I was worried that my hair didn’t have such a great foundation and was very scared that I may develop a bald spot. Fortunately, I found my way to buying Castor Oil and found that it’s really more effective than other so-called hair growth formulas.” -Mary S.


“I love my skin, which is why I always like putting nice things on it. I came across this Castor Oil thing and decided I’d give it a shot. Within a few days I found my skin was more radiant and more beautiful than ever. What shocked me is not the results that I got but the speed in which I got those results. I really wish other products woult be as fast as this one.”-Cloe Joel

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