World’s Most Dangerous Foods

Food is what we eat. There are good foods and bad foods. In this article, we would talk about some of the bad foods that pose a danger our health. Some foods are considered to be dangerous. Foods no matter how delicious it is, in fact some of them are considered to be bad for our healthy lifestyle. Such foods are chocolates and chips but actually, these kinds of food don’t put a risk on your life.

Based on the updated info graphic on Business Insider, several food ranges pose real threat to people’s lives. While on most restaurants they only serve everything that they could serve without bothering to consider what is bad for the people or good for them, it is better for you to have the idea on yourself on what you should eat and what you should not consume. When travelling, now and then you are up for any food challenge in order to taste the region or country’s profound delicacies. You may never know what rare foods will you see or be offered to you so here is a list of several dishes you may want to pay more attention to. Included in the list are some dishes you may have never expected to be included.

Apricot Seeds and Stones

These have cyanogenic glycosides that convert hydrogen cyanide if eaten. There are also several incidents noted of people who die after eating many seeds of apricot. Hot Dogs: Included in this list are our favorites all time hot dogs. The Hot dogs are considered to be a choking hazard. Around 17% choking deaths mostly children are noted specifically children less than 10 years old. So better chew what you eat properly before swallowing it.


The Giant Bullfrog

Giant bullfrogs are a popular dish in Namibia, Africa. It is cooked during celebrations and most often traditionally eaten as a whole. However the bad side is that these giant bullfrogs have less shelf life. Young giant bullfrogs are prohibited to be cooked and eaten. Mature bullfrogs are the only ones to be consumed since the young giant bullfrogs contain a toxin that can cause kidney failure.

Monkey Brains

Popular and widely eaten in most parts in Asia, Monkey brains are eaten raw, baked, or cooked depending on one’s preference. On the other hand however, when you eat brain it actually leads to fatal degenerative disorder of the neurological system. In fact, if you consume one brain, you are damaging your own brain so it is probably better to avoid eating monkey brains. Raw Cashew Nuts: Surely we often see cashew nuts included on cakes, dishes, and pastries. Apparently, these cashews have been processed. They have been steamed in order to remove chemicals that are deadly. Raw cashews, those pure cashews contain a significant high level substance called urushiol. A substance that is commonly found on poison ivy.

cashew nuts

Raw Cashew Nuts

Raw cashew nuts seem to be a bit of a weird one. We’ve all had cashews before, surely? Apparently the cashew nuts we’re usually in contact with are steamed to remove a deadly chemical. Purely “raw” cashews contain high levels of urushiol, which can be found in poison ivy.

hotdog sandwich


Blood Clams

Can be seen on Chinese seas, blood clams feed on multiple bacteria and viruses for it to survive and to be able to get ample nutrients necessary for its sustenance in environments with low-oxygen where it lives. Do not eat blood clams since it is noted to have hepatitis virus on it because of their feeding ways. These clams belong to a group of mollusks that obtain its food by filtering water out through their systems. If the clams live in polluted waters they can concentrate the microorganisms that cause disease in their systems. Also known as Anadara ovalis, these clams bleed when opened and the clam’s blood contains hemoglobin.

Baby Octopus Dishes

Octopus dishes are widely seen on streets stores or restaurants in Korea. Dishes like the Sannakji which uses raw and take note, alive baby octopus is a best-seller but people don’t know the real danger it poses when eaten. When cooking the dish, the baby octopus is being cut alive into bite size pieces and served to be eaten immediately. The real risk is that, there were incidents before when diners choke to death. As the baby octopus is eaten raw, the tentacle which has the suction cups on it grips on the inside of people’s throat causing them to choke and eventually die.


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